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Change (Unfortunately) Is Inevitable


Since 2010 I have been fortunate to be the plastic surgeon of The Refine Institute. Contrary to what you may have assumed, I am not the owner of the practice, rather I am employed by Refine.

In December 2016, The Refine Institute was sold to a family practice physician, Dr. Honnie Spencer. The transition to new ownership has been met with a series of frustrations and challenges for me personally, clinically, and administratively. These challenges have now brought the new owner and I to an impasse.

Although we are actively trying to seek resolution of these issues, on February 26, 2018 I informed Dr. Spencer that I cannot in good conscience proceed with performing any additional surgery until she agrees to the stipulations set forth. I have maintained certain non-negotiable standards in ensuring exceptional patient care. I am now being met with resistance and push back and I am no longer being supported.

As a consequence, this unfortunate series of events may impact my ability to perform surgery at The Refine Institute. The final decision is not mine to make. This is a very difficult message to deliver, however, your trust in me warrants full disclosure, and I wish to be forthright and completely transparent.

To compound matters more, there has been a simultaneous erosion in the confidence of many staff members, leading to untimely and heartfelt departures of the many familiar faces you have undoubtedly connected with.

Should you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact me directly. 

Maintaining relationships with my patients is my primary concern. My allegiance is to YOU, and not the business owners of The Refine Institute.


Broc L. Pratt, MD

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24/7 accessibility to me has always been my standard. This will never change. Please contact me with questions.